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Best EyeLashes To Wear

There are so many different brands on the market, different lengths, colors & designs. Find out which ones to wear

How to build your Clientele in One Month!

This marketing tip can be used by Hair Braiders. It will help you grow your clientele. No start up money or investment needed, just time dedication and hard work. Within a few weeks, your clientele will grow.

4 Ways To Maintain Your Braids

To maintain your braids you should wash your braids, moisturize your scalp, protect your hair when going to bed. Do not don't leave your braids in to long.

5 Best French Braid Tutorials

5 Best Braid Tutorials for long hair. Everyone knows long hair requires dedication along with a lot of work. Here are 5 how to tutorials to help you look stylish and trendy while growing your long hair.