Hairstylists makes 6 figures working outside of the Salon.

Hair Braiders Marketing Tip #3.  Add on Hair Services.  Most hair stylist and Braiders are not aware that they can make money without working behind the chair at the salon.

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How to get your clients to advertise for you for FREE!

Customers are advertising Hairstylist work for free everyday! They cause people to look, take pictures, post on social media, ask questions like who did there hair, where is this person located, how much did there hairstyle cost etc. Clients are so awesome! They advertise your work daily. It is to your advantage to always do […]

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How to build your Clientele in One Month!

This marketing tip can be used by Hair Braiders. It will help you grow your clientele. No start up money or investment needed, just time dedication and hard work. Within a few weeks, your clientele will grow.

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